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  • State of the City Dinner with Mayor Ken Christian

    Just like the weather outside, the 2019 Kamloops business outlook is bright and prosperous according to Mayor Ken Christian.
    We eagerly sat amongst business owners and residents within The Plaza Hotel on Thursday March 14 to listen to the Mayor give his State of the City address. Some of the key focus areas mentioned included the creation and execution of council’s strategic plan, a continued focus on our local economy, building impactful relationships and changing our visual paradigm to place emphasis on the truly unique benefits our city and surrounding area have to offer.
    Building a strong city includes working together towards a shared vision and set of goals. The Mayor noted his commitment to continuing to build relationships with local government, business associations and key stakeholders as a whole. This team-based approach will allow us as a City to further leverage our resources towards attracting investment, business opportunities, athletic, arts, and cultural programming and facility creation.
    The city’s brand of being the “Tournament Capital” will continue to be supported in 2019 with a continued focus on attracting events to Kamloops. Tourism alone last year brought in just over $400 million to the city.  With the shifting desire for eco-tourism and experiential tourism, a focus on exploring these opportunities further will be put into action.
    A continued focus towards energy efficiency and our environmental footprint will also be top of mind in the Mayor and Council’s strategic plans this year. The City will continue working with local contractors towards creating an incremental approach to achieving energy efficient construction methods by 2032 in compliance with Provincial “net-zero energy ready” regulations.
    Another interesting point of focus that we took away from this address was on the need to shift our visual paradigm.  Far too often we find ourselves comparing Kamloops to cities elsewhere within the Okanagan or even the lower mainland.  When if we step back, we can allow ourselves to see the true opportunities that are ever-present within Kamloops and our surrounding region. Our geographic location grants us access to major shipping and transportation routes, while encouraging a healthy work/life balance in having a plethora of outdoor and indoor recreational opportunities easily accessible and only minutes from our city center. We know from our member-base alone the amount of business diversity our city holds and how integral every sector is in making our city what it is today to live, work and recreate within.
    We come away from this State of the City address inspired and thinking optimistically about the year ahead.  We will continue to advocate on behalf of our members to provide Kamloops businesses with both a voice and a trusted source for detailed information to help your business not only grow but thrive.
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