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  • Kamloops Chamber of Commerce reacts to Bill C-69

    Kamloops Chamber of Commerce reacts to Bill C-69.

    Kamloops – June 13, 2019 – The Kamloops Chamber of Commerce, along with the British Columbia Chamber of Commerce and Canadian Chamber of Commerce, is concerned with the federal government’s announcement to reject a number of the Senate’s improvements to Bill C-69.

    Bill C-69 as is will further drive out investment from Canada’s resource sector, and will also limit Canada’s ability to create essential trade-enabling infrastructure, including ports, transportation corridors and modernised energy grids. Additionally, the spirit of compromise and collaboration that has characterized the relations between industry and government since Confederation would be severely undermined.

    The Canadian Chamber attempted to work with the government to fix the legislations flaws, including a letter to ministers laying out the five key improvements from Canadian business. If passed as proposed, Bill C-69 will undermine our economy.

    The Kamloops Chamber calls for the Federal Government to accept all Senate amendments to C-69 or for Parliament to defeat the bill.

    Joshua Knaak, President of the Kamloops Chamber of Commerce Board:
    “Bill C-69 will create uncertainty and unpredictability in both foreign and domestic investment and will further challenge the development of trade-enabling infrastructure projects.”


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