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  • The Kamloops Chamber of Commerce successfully passed all of its policy resolutions at the 69th Annual virtual BC Chamber of Commerce AGM

    The Kamloops Chamber of Commerce successfully passed all of its policy resolutions at the 69th Annual virtual BC Chamber of Commerce AGM 


    3 new homegrown policies are moving forward after a successful debate alongside the BC Chamber network 


     Kamloops, BC - This past weekend, the BC Chamber of Commerce virtually hosted its Annual General Meeting (AGM) and Policy Session for the 69th time. The Kamloops Chamber of Commerce brought forward 3 new homegrown policies on behalf of its membership that were debated and discussed at with the Chambers of Commerce/Board of Trades throughout BC. – all 3 policy resolutions were passed that were created by and debated on behalf of the Kamloops Chamber of Commerce

    If a policy is passed at the BC Chamber it becomes an official advocacy action item alongside the BC Chamber of Commerce playbook which they will then bring forward to the Government of British Columbia (if provincial in nature) or to the Canadian Chamber of Commerce AGM & Policy Session in September 2021 (if the policy is Federal in nature).

    Background - throughout the calendar year, the Kamloops Chamber of Commerce seeks input from its membership and the business community at large through surveys and focus groups. It is then reviewed by the Business Advocacy Committee, which consists of Kamloops Chamber Board members, who analyze the issue, then determine what is an appropriate course of action for the issue.   

    The policies that were brought forward at the BC Chamber of Commerce are wide-ranging in breadth and look to tackle issues from unlocking the potential within the healthcare industry to the establishment of the First Nations Infrastructure Institute. Review any of the links below to learn more about polices created by/for the Kamloops business community.

    The new polices that were successfully passed at the BC Chamber of Commerce AGM & Policy Session include:

    1. Unlocking the Potential of Nurses to Increase Access to Primary Healthcare
    2. Establishment of the First Nations Infrastructure Institute
    Made in Canada – Inclusive Tax Policy Process (ITPP)

    The Kamloops Chamber of Commerce has a long and well documented history of achieving public policy success through it’s proven, structured process. These efforts in the past have resulted in major policy being developed by our Federal Government that has had significant impact in our daily lives, such as the creation of the TFSA (Tax Free Savings Account) and the 10 year passport. Our advocacy efforts are fueled by the ongoing investment and support of local business owners throughout the Thompson Valley.


    Media Quotes  
    Dan Carroll, President, Board of Directors, Kamloops Chamber of Commerce  

    “I want to congratulate the Kamloops Chamber Team and Directors for their tireless effort to research, lobby for and successfully pass these important policy resolutions at the virtual BC Chamber AGM and Conference. These issues are critically important to our businesses in the region.” 
    Colin O’Leary, Vice Chair, Business Advocacy Committee, Director, Kamloops Chamber of Commerce 
    “With these recommendations, BC can use the existing robust MSP payment system to increase primary healthcare capacity almost immediately, without largescale costs. These changes would also enable a giant step forward for BC to catch up to the rest of the world with the proven long-term benefits of Team-based care, which ultimately provides accessibility to the many without a family doctor.”