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  • Kamloops Chamber Encourages Commercial Landlords to work with Business Owners

    For Immediate Release: April 23, 2020
    Kamloops Chamber encourages businesses and commercial landlords to work together.
    As many businesses have been forced to temporarily close or substantially reduce hours, business owners are increasingly concerned about their ability to maintain their necessary payments over the coming months.
    Government has introduced programs to assist on many levels and financial institutions have offered temporary relief for loan payments and mortgages; however it remains a significant challenge for businesses to make their lease payments and/or manage the consequences if they are unable to do so.
    The Kamloops Chamber of Commerce encourages landlords to investigate the payment relief programs available to them and to, where possible, pass this relief along to their tenants.
    Our business community will be best served through a resilient resurgence in business when this pandemic is over. Through communication and creative solutions, landlords can assist in ensuring that businesses are able to continue operating and/or re-open as soon as possible.
    We understand that government is developing programs to assist in this and encourage businesses and commercial landlords to work together in the interim.

    Tyson Andrykew
    Board of Directors
    Kamloops Chamber of Commerce