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  • Chamber calls for mandatory truck driver training

    Kamloops Chamber calls for mandatory truck driver training

    Kamloops, BC
    – The Kamloops Chamber of Commerce has asked the provincial government for mandatorytraining for truck drivers.

    Currently, there is no mandatory training curriculum for truckers. The BC Superintendent of Motor Vehicles requires only a pass on a written examination
    and a two-hour road test combined with a sixteen-hour ICBC-approved course on airbrake testing. There are cases in Canada where people have applied for and obtained a commercial vehicle driver’s license in as little as three days.

    In 2016, the Kamloops Chamber of Commerce membership voted at their annual general meeting to lobby government for required truck driver training in BC. Their recommendations to the Provincial Government included:

                            1. create a minimum standard for accreditation of commercial driving
                                         programs based on the national occupational standard;

                            2. require mandatory graduation from an accredited commercial
                                        driving program in order to qualify to take the exam for the                                    
                                         professional driver license;

                            3. amend the graduated license program to allow graduates of the
                                        accredited commercial driving program to obtain their Class
                                         License 1 or 3 upon graduation (as early as age 18); and

                            4. amend the national occupational stand to move professional

                                        driving from a Class  cc to Class B.

     The Kamloops Chamber continues to lobby on this issue.



    Joshua Knaak, President of the Board of Directors, Kamloops Chamber of Commerce:

    “There has never been a better opportunity to help the trucking industry obtain the skilled
    professional truck drivers it needs and improve public safety at the same time. By 2020,
    the Conference Board of Canada expects the industry will need between 25,000-33,000 new
    truck drivers. Let’s put more skilled drivers on the road through mandatory training.”

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