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  • 2020 Business Walks describe everyday challenges of local business owners

    For Immediate Release: Sept 7, 2020
    Kamloops businesses seeking marketing and promotional help
    2020 Kamloops Business Walks describe everyday challenges of local business owners
    KAMLOOPS –Kamloops businesses are looking for increased awareness as they navigate through the COVID-19 pandemic, according to survey data gathered by the Kamloops Chamber of Commerce this summer.
    The Chamber brought together local community and business leaders to understand the opportunities and issues of the business community. Representatives from the Kamloops Chamber Board of Directors, Kamloops City Council, Venture Kamloops, Community Futures Thompson Country, Downtown Business Improvement Association and the North Shore Business Improvement Association conducted “Business Walks” over 4 days in July and August, interviewing 166 unique Kamloops businesses in Valleyview, Uptown, North Kamloops and Downtown business areas.
    “Business Walks” is a series of events that are dedicated to learning more about local businesses through short, in-person interviews. Teams of “Walkers” visited businesses with the hopes of gathering high-level, snapshot information which will aid in developing support resources and serve as an annual check-in the Kamloops business community.
    Sixteen percent of respondents indicated the current state of business was slow or poor, up from 7% in last year’s business walk survey, with 45% saying business was fair or steady (33% last year) and 39% saying it was good or increasing (60% last year).
    The data from the 2020 walks shows the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on Kamloops businesses. The greatest challenges faced by businesses include:

    • COVID-19 Impacts or Regulations – 36%
      • Example: slow to restart, not open yet, cleaning and safety procedures
    • Customers / Awareness – 18%
      • Example: marketing, promotions, customers attraction
    • Labour / Staffing – 18%
      •  Example: attracting skilled labour, retaining talent
    When asked what can be done to help their businesses grow, marketing, promotion and increasing awareness was the number one answer from businesses in all areas, outpacing other answers such as attracting staff, reducing government red tape and enhanced social issue supports.
    The complete report has been presented to Kamloops City Council and Kamloops Chamber members and is available on the Kamloops Chamber website.

    As everyone navigates the road to recovery, the Chamber encourages all Kamloops businesses to participate in upcoming insight gathering opportunities like the pulse check surveys and other Kamloops Chamber initiatives. These insights provided by business are invaluable to the work of the Kamloops Chamber.
    Media Quotes:
    Tyson Andrykew, President, Board of Directors, Kamloops Chamber of Commerce:
    “It’s clear to us from our Business Walks that local businesses need local support to get through the challenges of COVID-19. The pandemic may be global but the answer is going to be local. We will continue to work with local businesses to help them improve their marketing and engage with customers.”

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