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    Massage Therapy - January Special Offer for a Limited Time!

    60 Minutes - Massage / LED Light Therapy Combo Offer
    50 Minute Massage includes 10 Minute Complimentary LED Light Therapy for 10 Minutes

    LED Light Therapy, Customized Red Light / Near-Infrared Light for Chronic Pain Management, Injuries,
    Packages, Massage, CranioSacral Therapy,

    Unisex Adult and Child size, 4-layer Copper-Infused >N99 filter masks. $12.00
    Available in Solid Grey and Black.
    Purchase online: www.samchihealth.com


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    For Sale: 300 Watt Customized Blue, Red, Near-Infrared Portable, light weight  panel for Home, Travel Use
    Service: Professional Office Treatments 7 Colour LED Facial Mask for of 15 Minutes, Packages available
    Servie: CranioSacral Therapy - 60 Minute Sessions - Unwinding technique, helps with headaches, trauma release, back pain, and other ailments
    Service: LED Red Light / Near-Infrared Light Sessions 15, 30, 40, 60 minute sessions Full Body or Targeted treatments
    For Sale: 100% Cotton Antibacterial 4-Layer Copper-Ion-Infused Filter mask N99, Washable 50x, reusable, for Adults and Childrren