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    The times they are a-changin’ … and in business people are becoming more conscious of their environment and how they interact in that space and with each other. If you want to cultivate inspired action with your team and your clients, start with your brand and your message — but with a new approach. Think outside the corporate box and bring in some heart. What do you offer and how would you describe it to a friend or relative? Deliver a genuine message with visuals that invoke trust, reliability and feels personal for your target audience.

    We are a good match to work together if you are a wellness or movement professional, healer, a non-profit with a big heart or if your business helps people enrich their lives. Of course, if you aren’t in these industries and you put your people and clients above your bottom line, we’d also make a great team. We can all agree that a work-life balance is key to a successful life.


    Brochure design for Mine Cable Services
    Business card design for Outrageously Happy
    Business card design for The Lab Hair Studio