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    Oil Analysis is the sampling and laboratory analysis of ‘in-service’ oils. Through routine Oil Analysis a meaningful and accurate description of your lubricant’s properties and machine’s working condition can be developed.

    Oil Analysis is used to determine the health of any machinery that requires oil as a lubricant. Whether it’s plant, industrial, or heavy-duty equipment, your car, boat, tractor, or R.V., B.T.A. will provide you with the fastest and most comprehensive monitoring of your machine’s condition.

    B.T.A. is the only independent Oil Analysis laboratory in the
    province of British Columbia.
    Standard Testing
    Spectrophotometeric Analysis
    Water content
    Viscosity Index
    Microscopic Analysis
    Laser Net Particle Count
    Fourier Transform Infrared
    Specialized Testing
    Digital Photo Analysis
    Acid Number Test
    Base Number Test
    Glycol Test
    Fuel Sniffer
    Pentane Insoluble Test
    Coolant Analysis

    B.T.A. is the only laboratory to provide a physical inspection of every oil sample using a high-powered microscope. We are the only lab to provide our industrial clients with highly trained field technicians to gather samples. Furthermore, our turnaround time is truly the fastest in the industry, with critical samples being analyzed and processed in just one business day.