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  • Our organizational committees work hard to support the strategic vision of the Kamloops Chamber.  

  • The Board of Directors currently has five active committees: 

    • Business Advocacy Committee 
    • Organizational Sustainability Committee 
    • Governance Committee 
    • Awards Committee 
    • Board Development Committee 
  • Staff currently has the following active task forces and councils: 

    • Events Committee 
    • Membership Council

    To represent the interests of our membership to government through the development of official positions and/or policies

    Alicia Glaicar

    Vice Chair:
    Colin O'Leary

    Tyson Andrykew, Kate Stebbings, Ab Ashok, Tim Shoults, Mike Henry, Cindy Piva, Mickael Maddison, Sara Lawson, Nicholas Adams, Brant Hasanen (Past President), Acacia Pangilinan

    Completed Goals in 2020:

    • Brought forward 2 policies through the BC Chamber to the Provincial Government to create a better environment for landlords to combat the housing crisis and to address BC's competitiveness by looking at new and increased taxes.
    • During the Province’s snap election, in partnership with the Kamloops & District Real Estate Association & Kamloops This Week – we launched election candidate videos and hosted both of our ridings in a virtual election forum – bringing forward the issues that matter to you.
    • We brought forward 1 policy through the Canadian Chamber to the Federal Government to incentivize corporations to donate land to Community Land Trusts for affordable housing projects.
    • Submitted a list of recommendations to the City of Kamloops Zoning Bylaw Overhaul after some member consultation and task force background work 
    • We hosted 13 roundtables and our Board issued 4 letters of support for members to help them achieve their goals. Locally, we called for: Commercial landlords to work with their commercial tenants, the City to move forward with major infrastructure projects, budget transparency with COVID measures and a regional reopening approach.
    • Through our BC Chamber network and the BCMindReader.com platform, we ran 5 pulse check surveys, interviewing more than 325 business owners to understand the impacts of COVID-19 on our Kamloops business community.
    • We conducted Business Walks over the summer, in 4 neighbourhoods of the community listening to 167 businesses in person.
    • We approved several letters of support for our member businesses on meaningful issues.
    • Provincially, our member data helped the BC Chamber advocate to the government for:
      • Temporary Layoff Extensions
      • Ban on Commercial Rent Evictions
      • 100% PST Rebate to purchase machines and equipment
      • Further investment in the connecting British Columbia program
      • Small & Medium Size business recovery grant
      • And informed the COVID-19 Action plan set out by the Province
    • Federally, member insight fed into the Canadian Chamber when advocating to the Federal Government resulting in:
      • A more accessible Canada Emergency Wage Subsidy
      • Practical changes to the Canada Emergency Bank Account
      • Long-time needed changes to the EI system
      • 13 ideas from local tax leaders through the Canadian Chamber’s Think Growth tax reform project for a more competitive, simpler and equitable tax system to support Canada’s economic recovery from COVID-19.


    To identify, assess and provide proposals to the Board for addressing threats to the longer-term sustainability in membership, financial and other aspects, including threats from changing demographics, business climate and competing interests

    Dan Carroll, Cindy Piva

    Mickael Maddison, Alicia Glaicar, Brant Hasanen, Acacia Pangilinan

    Completed Goals in 2020:

    • Review of articles in the Horizons 2025 initiative and provided thoughts for consideration to the Board of Directors to guide the Strategic planning process 
    • Served as a think-tank and supported the development of new ideas and initiatives in response to pandemic including: Recommendations in Mayor’s Economic Recovery and Renewal Task Force



    To annually monitor the board’s duties in compliance with the Modified Policy Governance Model

    Dan Carroll

    Kate Stebbings

    Ab Ashok, Tim Shoults, Joshua Knaak, Acacia Pangilinan

    Completed Goals in 2020:

    • Provided ongoing review and recommended updates to bylaws and policies
    • Monitored impacts of the pandemic on the organization
    • Oversaw strategic planning process



    To annually review and enhance the Chamber’s awards programs.

    Cindy Piva

    Colin O’Leary, Tim Shoults, Mickael Maddison, Acacia Pangilinan


    • The Awards Committee is tasked with reviewing and elevating the awards process for our Business Excellence gala and other events where we honour businesses, projects, and people with awards of excellence. The focus this year was to ensure the Kamloops Chamber could succeed in offering the Business Excellence Awards during a pandemic.
    • The Awards Committee helped create the vision for the 2020 gala and supported the team’s work in putting on a one-of-a-kind event.

    Completed Goals in 2020:

    • Lead the complete pivot of the 34th Annual Business Excellence Awards, from a traditional 400+ person gala to a decentralized, low impact multi-location hybrid event. 

    • The 34th Annual Business Excellence Awards injected over $40,000 into heavily impacted industries.


    To ensure the organizational effectiveness of the Board of Directors

    Kate Stebbings

    Joshua Knaak

    Tyson Andrykew, Dan Carroll, Acacia Pangilinan

    Completed Goals in 2020:

    • Arranged training for board members (governance, media training, fiduciary duty, and reading financial statements.
    • Completed the nominations process for proposed members for election to the Board.
    • Reviewed and updated the competency matrix to ensure competencies fulfill the evolving needs of the organization.
    • Arranged Board tours via Kamloops Business Walks during the reopening phase of pandemic