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    August 4, 2021
    Creating a Culture of Respect in the Workplace

    We all deserve to feel safe and respected at work. Whether interacting with co-workers, employers, or the public, all workers have the right to work free from sexual harassment. Employers benefit from fostering a culture of respect in the workplace that takes a strong stance against harassing behaviour. Harassment can have negative consequences for workplaces including lowered productivity and increased turnover, as well as negative psychological, emotional and even physical impacts on the targets of

    The Kamloops Chamber Team

    October 29, 2020
    5 Questions with Dušan Magdolen of the Kamloops Film Society

    With the traditional theatre experience altered, the KFS team quickly adapted in many ways to the new normal. We sat down with Dušan Magdolen, Executive Director of the Kamloops Film Society to discuss everything from bringing the drive-in back to Kamloops to holiday gift ideas for family, friends and clients. Find our what he had to say

    Nic Zdunich