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  • What's Good For People is Good For Business

    What's Good For People is Good For Business

    1 in 5 Canadians will personally experience a mental health problem or illness this year. By age 40, approximately 50% of the population will have or have had a mental illness. Investing in workplace wellness can have positive effects for you and your business (source: CMHA).
    This past November, Deloitte Canada released a groundbreaking report entitled The ROI in workplace mental health programs: Good for people, good for business. It was estimated poor mental health in the workplace cost Canadians:
    • $50 billion annually in economic activity
    • $6 billion from lost productivity
    • 500 000 people weekly are unable to work due to poor mental health
    Implementing mental health programs will have a positive effect on your employees and your bottom line. The report reveals that companies with mental health programs in place for one year had a median annual ROI of $1.62 for every dollar invested. For companies with programs in place for three or more years, the median annual ROI is more than double—valued at $2.18 for every dollar spent. It is not only good for people, it is good for business. You can review the report here.
    We have partnered with the Canadian Mental Health Association for a 1-hour lunch & learn seminar to provide the local business community with a basic introduction to Mental Health and Mental Illness. If you are looking to increase your Mental Health literacy, this is a great place to start. You can register for the event here. Take a look at our entire events calendar for upcoming health & wellness and professional development opportunities. 
    On January 29, 2020, Bell’s Let’s Talk social media campaign returns to help shed light on mental health across Canada and we encourage all businesses to participate. 
    Let’s take care of each other and make sure no one is left behind.

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