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  • The Diminishing Art of Socializing

    The Diminishing Art of Socializing

    We had the pleasure of stepping into Browns Socialhouse to chat with Owners & Operators, Robert Groom & Michelle Groom, to discuss the importance of socializing and reinstating your once-learned interpersonal communication skills. 
    ‘socialhouse’ (def) - a place where people come together in order to “socialize” which involves conversation, people-watching, eating, drinking and generally being in the company of others. 
    In today’s technology-driven world where becoming unglued from personal electronic devices is seemingly impossible, the team at Browns is working hard to reinvigorate the benefits of socializing….face-face (not screen to screen). Coming from Management positions within the National Franchise dining sector, Robert and Michelle were integral in the successful concept creation and execution to grow the Browns franchise from 110 to over 350 locations. They both noted Kamloops as a fabulous opportunity to both live and do business and signed-on to become owners/operators of the chain’s first location in the region. 
    Having opened in May 2016, the establishment just celebrated its third successful year in business and better-yet, third year in being a local landmark and welcoming place to connect.  The business has allowed the pair to connect with other business owners within the region, those travelling through, members of the local community and their staff…who they consider extensions of their family. As a dynamic-duo, the pair have created a culture amongst their team that brings the group together, places the customer at the forefront and the team’s needs above one’s self. This culture is proactively upheld by staff whether Michelle and Robert are on-site assisting guests of their own, or outside of the business walls. It is something they all believe in and work hard to deliver that expected brand experience. 
    The business functions using of a series of tested and implemented systems whereby all team members receive coaching to allow them to grow and flourish within the surroundings.  In-turn, the business runs as a well-oiled machine. Michelle and Robert focus on providing guidance and detailed feedback for their staff, along with a daily focus on creating an enlightening environment in which to work where team members feel cared for and appreciated. Robert’s quirky sense of humour brings light to the team and creates an uplifting atmosphere– he’s not just “the scary boss”, he is one of the team. 
    You can sense an element of fun when you enter the socialhouse. From the warm greeting you receive at the door to sitting and watching the interactions between staff and fellow clients. This team has figured out how to provide visitors with an experience that includes delicious food and beverage offerings within a refined, yet engaging atmosphere. Customers quickly forget that little screen they are consistently glued to and are able to dust-off their interpersonal communication skills to reap the countless benefits.  
    When was the last time you put a little effort into meeting face to face with a prospective or even a long-time client to discuss an upcoming project? The positive impacts of conversing in real-life (not just real-time) with clients can gain you instant respect, trust and potentially….a signed contract or in the case of Browns, repeat and loyal customers. Reutilizing those sales pitch techniques or simply being able to carry on a conversation can drastically assist your business in being able to further sell your product or service and inspire your employees. With word of mouth being a leading force in business success or detriment, working on your interpersonal communication skills apart from a screen might just give you an edge over your competition. 
    What potential benefits could your business reap from refocussing a little energy on re-perfecting your interpersonal communication skills? 
    Stay tuned as we bring you more insights from actual Kamloops Chamber of Commerce Members in a blog series dedicated to introducing you to those within our business community. 
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