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    Mission Possible

    I liken being a member of your local Chamber of Commerce or Board of Trade to being a part of a secret espionage agency. Have I have watched too many James Bond and Mission Impossible movies lately? Yes! But there are numerous parallels too hard to ignore.
    (Cue the spy movie music….)
    Your mission, dear business owner, if you choose to accept it, is to successfully operate a business or organization. Not only will you be responsible for the livelihood of your employees and need to make decisions based on good data and intel, but your enemies, namely Economic Upheaval, Bureaucratic Red Tape, and Difficultly Finding Skilled Workers, are constantly at work threatening your very survival. You will need to assemble a team that is nimble, loyal, and experienced. Good luck! (This blog post will self-destruct in the next two minutes…)
    Owning and operating a business is a challenging mission. Just look at the statistics! According to Statistics Canada and the Canadian Centre for Data Development and Economic Research, on average, 95,000 businesses were created every year between 2010 and 2015 and 85,000 disappeared! The stakes are high! Mortgages are placed as personal guarantees. Long days are spent building the business with family/leisure time sacrificed. The last thing you, our intrepid business owner, need are policies which impede growth and governmental changes that make your pathway unclear. And we haven’t even added in the chaos of a global pandemic!
    Here’s where your local Chamber of Commerce or Board of Trade is the consummate teammate to help you complete your mission of business success. While you’re working hard to market, communicate, hire, manage, expand, fine-tune your business, your Chamber of Commerce is working behind the scenes taking your concerns to every level of government to improve the business environment to help you succeed. They can help you fine-tune your skills and build upon new ones with informative blogs and seminars/webinars. They also set up networking opportunities to help connect you to people just like you to expand your network of people who can help you succeed. Sure, you could spend more time and resources doing this on your own, but there’s much more power in a network of people working together to accomplish missions that, as solo efforts, are difficult, if not impossible.
    Schedule an appointment virtually or in-person with your pro-business Chamber team to find out how they can amplify your team and the success of your mission!

    Aleece Laird
    Owner of Amplify Consulting Inc.
    Proud Kamloops and BC Chamber of Commerce Member
    Chair of the BC Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors
    About Aleece: Aleece happily settled down in Kamloops after moving across the country thanks to her Dad’s job as an RCMP officer. She obtained her BBA from Thompson Rivers University in 1998, worked in marketing and sales at NL Broadcasting Ltd., and then launched into the life of an entrepreneur co-running an advertising agency for over a decade and now a communications and stakeholder engagement firm called Amplify Consulting Inc. She is passionate about business and sees when business owners engage in their community and with resourceful organizations like the Kamloops Chamber of Commerce, they amplify their successes by building a solid community of people with experience and connections

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