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  • Fundamentals In E-Marketing: How to Use Constant Contact to Generate Leads

    Fundamentals In E-Marketing: How to Use Constant Contact to Generate Leads

    It’s a noisy digital world out there, but there are bundled resources out there to support your digital marketing so you can focus on getting back to business. Here’s how you can use Constant Contact to generate leads.

    Create a custom e-commerce website

    We get it, you’re an entrepreneur that’s built your business from the ground up. You’re protective of your brand and client-base because you were the only one pitching leads, following up with clients, managing the books, and updating your website off the side of your desk.

    We’re here to support and  tell you you’re not a web developer and it’s time to have a responsive and engaging website. Mobile-friendly, fresh websites make it easy for customers to find you. You can create a professional website in hours with Constant Contact. 

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    Track your performance

    We don’t expect you to crunch the digital data every Monday morning to gauge every indicator out there like average time spent on site, new site visitors, or SEO score because you have a business operation to run.However, you can track your digital performance and track your customer’s digital journey with Constant Contact.

    If you’re a tour operator and ‘Book Now’ is your most popular web page, make sure customers can book from the home page with simple language. If you’re a restaurant with a spike in website visits from 4:00-6:00pm, make sure your menu is mobile-friendly and easy to read because your website visitors might be hungry for your Chicken Tikka Masala 

    Use email campaigns to boost loyalty

    When you gain better insights about your audience, you can tap into what your customers need. If you’re a garden centre with high website traffic on items like bulk soil and irrigation systems, it might be beneficial to send out an email with 5 tips (and products you stock) on installing irrigation for first-timers. You can track this, and email customers, through Constant Contact.

    You know your business best

    Constant Contact is an incredible resource, but at the end of the day it takes your insights to turn leads into customers.

    If you’re a photographer that’s had cancellations for photoshoots due the wildfire smoke in past summers, put a blog on your website for ‘5 Reasons for Spring Photoshoots’. You know your business best, but your customers don’t. Great news is your customers are keen to learn more if they’re reading your blogs, emails, or website. 

    Streamline your businesses’ online presence through Constant Contact to build trust with your customers and stand out from your competitors. Kamloops Chamber of Commerce members receive 25% off Constant Contact. Click here for more membership benefits including discounts on HR services, office supplies, transportation, and more.

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