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  • 6 Entrepreneurs Leading the Food Scene in the Thompson Valley

    6 Entrepreneurs Leading the Food Scene in the Thompson Valley

    A new generation of entrepreneurs are dialing in their food & beverage game through creative means and getting noticed - and taste tested - across British Columbia. From storefronts to superfoods, here are 6 entrepreneurs leading the food scene through the Thompson Valley

    Kent Fawcett | Local Pulse
    Kent Fawcett created Local Pulse with a sustainability mindset to reduce our ecological footprint, and to consume good, mindful, vegan food. Kent has a Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry from the University of British Columbia which steered him into entrepreneurship. Local Pulse’s philosophy stands out because it boasts the importance of enjoying eating, but also recognizing the environmental impact of what you eat.

    Photo Credit: Local Pulse's Facebook

    Brynn Hill & Christian Andrews | Brynn’s Bakery
    Brynn Hill & Christian Andrews are co-owners of Brynn’s Bakery in downtown Kamloops. Brynn’s Bakery was established at the Kamloops Regional Farmers Market. To keep up with demand, they expanded and opened up a storefront in March 2021. The bakery’s staple items include sourdough, pizza dough, burger buns, and more. 

    Photo Credit: Brynn's Bakery's Facebook

    Naomi Spendiff | Wild Mountain Jun
    Naomi Spendiff launched Wild Mountain Jun in 2018 at the Kamloops Regional Farmers Market. Jun is a fermented drink that is similar to kombucha. Jun is cultured with green tea and raw honey; whereas, kombucha is cultured with black tea and refined sugar. Next time you’re at the Kamloops Regional Farmers Market, sip something new and grab a growler of blueberry ginger or pomberry rose jun.

    Photo Credit: Wild Mountain Jun's Facebook

    Ali MacBoudreau | Honest Elixirs
    Ali MacBoudreau is Creator at Honest Elixirs, a superfood drink blend company. Ali’s experience as a Registered Holistic Nutritionist has turned her education & passion into mindful products with ingredients like turmeric, raw cacao, and coconut butter. 

    Photo Credit: Honest Elixirs' Facebook

    Morgan McKay | Somethin’ Sweet Protein Treats
    Morgan McKay opened Somethin’ Sweet Protein Treats to share her passion for pronuts (protein donuts) in a health-conscious way. Morgan is a certified nutrition & health coach and offers products that are gluten-free, keto friendly, high in protein, and low in sugar.

    These food-based entrepreneurs are amplifying Kamloops’ established food & drink scene through creative purposes. This is a win-win for small businesses and an example of the talent being harnessed and supported in BC’s Interior. 

    Photo Credit: Somethin’ Sweet Protein Treats' Facebook


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