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    The Kamloops Chamber of Commerce organizes various events throughout the year to fulfill its role of elevating the #kambiz community. Chamber Events are a great way for businesses to engage with the community, learn and collaborate!

  • Signature Events Signature Events


    1. Business Excellence Awards

    The Business Excellence Awards are hosted by the Chamber every year to celebrate & recognize the achievements of the Kamloops Business Community! This year, we have partnered with MNP to celebrate 35 years of local business excellence, the annual awards gala will take place on Thursday, October 21, 2021

    The nomination period for the 35th Annual Business Excellence Awards is now closed
    The finalists for the 35th Annual Business Excellence Awards will be revealed on July 28, 2021 @ 4:00 PM. 

    1. Chamber Summit (Members Only)

    Since 1896, the Kamloops Chamber of Commerce has advocated on behalf of the business community at all levels of government and has played a key role in building Kamloops into the community that it is today.

    The Summit begins with the presentation of proposed policies on issues affecting our business community. It is followed by our Annual general meeting, election of officers and a policy session. The Summit closes with a Networking Reception for Directors, Members and Community Partners. This Event precedes the State of the City Dinner. Learn more about our recent advocacy efforts here.

    1. State of the City Dinner

    The State of the City dinner is open to all members of the community, where our outgoing president is joined by the Mayor of Kamloops who outlines the community's key priorities, strategic plan, economic development and regional co-operation-initiatives for the upcoming year.

    The 2020 State of the City Dinner took place at The Sandman Signature Hotel on March 12, where Mayor Ken Christian talked about the then approaching COVID-19 pandemic, crises preparedness and potential effects on the Kamloops business community. The 2021 State of the City Dinner was cancelled due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Mayor Ken Christian was a guest blog contributor, see here

    1. Made in BC

    BC is open for business, and there are great things happening throughout the province. The Made In BC Expo is a one of a kind event bringing together businesses from all over the Province who create and supply products, experiences and services in BC. This year’s event will include of over 50 exhibitors from 10+ industries!

    Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, the event has been postponed indefinitely.


    Monthly Events Monthly Events

    Each year, the Kamloops Chamber hosts over 65 events for our members. From networking events and educational seminars, to leadership luncheons with business leaders and gala dinners, each event offers our members distinct benefits.

    1. Chamber Socials, Mob & Speed Networking Events

    Networking is at the core of what we do, we facilitate lasting connections for members of the business community – emerging and established. The Kamloops Chamber provide a variety of in-person/virtual networking opportunities for all comfort levels – the team even offers seminars to help teach you how-to network more effectively. Raise your business profile and mingle with your peers at a Chamber networking event.

    1. Workshops & Seminars

    “The secret of change is to focus all your energy not on fighting the old but on building the new.” — Socrates

    As trends and technology change, it is important for businesses in all industries to continuously develop new skills to grow their brand and remain competitive in the marketplace. Topics include, board governance, media training, business readiness, digital marketing workshops, policy writing and so much more.

    1. Let's Talk About Breakfasts & Chamber Quarterly Luncheons

    These events provide a platform for members to learn about the work done by the Chamber and hear about important and relevant topics that matter to the #kambiz community. The Chamber is not afraid to tackle tough issues. Recent luncheon topics  include healthcare reform, affordable housing, the future of clean energy and the emerging cannabis industry.

    1. Forums, Roundtables, and Information Sessions

    Throughout the year, the Chamber organizes monthly forums and roundtable discussions creating dialogue to tackle industry specific issues. The information gathered at these events are essential for our ongoing advocacy efforts. Insights collected are shared directly with internal and external stakeholders. The more participation we receive, the richer the data, the stronger the policy recommendations to decision-makers become.




    Health & Wellness




    Arts & Culture


    Made in BC


    Natural Resources






    Indigenous Business




    Celebrate Small Business


    Non-Profits & Charities




    Members are encouraged to take advantage of complimentary and cost-effective networking opportunities to maximize the value of their membership. Due to COVID-19, many of the events have been postponed or changed to virtual events.

    To stay informed about all our activities and events, explore our Events Calendar and subscribe to the Kamloops Chamber of Commerce newsletter.

    Submit an Idea Submit an Idea

    • Request for proposals are now being accepted for members seeking opportunities to contribute at the Chamber. Each month we will provide programming focusing on a specific industry or theme, our focuses for 2020 can be found at the bottom of this page. If your idea does not fit into a specific theme category - we still encourage you to apply, we will help find an appropriate spot for your initiative.

      These events can be educational or entertaining, formal, or informal, free or paid. The primary goal is to help members connect and highlight the work you and your organization contribute to the #KamBiz community. You provide the idea and we will help promote the initiative. Please remember, these are educational opportunities for members and are not sales focused. No politically motivated initiatives will be considered. All paid initiatives will be operated as a revenue-sharing initiative alongside the Kamloops Chamber.

      Why should you host an initiative with the Kamloops Chamber?

      • Generate leads and strengthen your personal brand
      • Build brand awareness
      • Gain valuable public speaking skills
      • Knowledge-share with specific industries
      • Access to the Chamber network
      • Test New Ideas

      Conduct a Workshop
      You've probably been a participant in a number of workshops. There are workshops on subjects ranging from cooking classes to database building, all of which are limited in time, meant to teach practical skills or techniques or ideas, and conducted by people with real life industry experience, like you. Get creative and share your ideas with us.

      Teach a Seminar
      Seminars are a great way to share relevant and thematic information with our members. They exist in a variety of formats and can range from a casual pint of beer to discuss social media strategy to a round table discussion about business succession planning.

      Host an On-Site Event
      Bring members into your space! Host a member-only board game night, after work yoga, wine tasting or teach members the basics of food photography. On-site events are typically informal and are a chance to show off your work environment.

      Facilitate a Site Tour
      Show us how its made! Our members love to learn about how it is made and how it is processed. If you are interested in showcasing your showroom or taking members behind-the-scenes of your facility, let us know – we want to help you make connections, while showing off your space.

      Build Your Following with a Guest Blog Post
      Calling all storytellers and knowledge experts. Have you discovered the secret to great SEO? Do you know the top 10 most Instagramable spots in Kamloops? What tips & tricks can you share with upcoming entrepreneurs like yourself? Flex your writing skills and apply as a guest contributor for the Kamloops Chamber of Commerce website.




      Month Focus
      January Health & Wellness
      February Hospitality
      March  Arts & Culture
      April Made in BC
      May Natural Resources
      June Tourism
      July Agriculture
      August Indigenous Business
      September Technology
      October Celebrate Small Business
      November Non-Profits & Charities
      December Retail


      Programming Application Deadline’s are as follows:

      October, November, December 2020: July 15, 2020
      January, February, March 2021: October 15, 2020

      Due to the volume of ideas and initiatives we receive, we will not be able to accommodate all requests. We want to make sure all selected programming has the opportunity to shine and that is given the attention it deserves. If your idea is not selected, we encourage you to apply again. We will be selecting ideas that fit in with the theme and align with the values of our organization. Only successful candidates will be contacted.


      Please reach out to our Membership Specialist if you have additional questions at membership@kamloopschamber.ca


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