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    Pattison Outdoor Advertising Traditional and digital billboards - build your brand

    Get noticed with billboard advertising...let's build your brand together!

    Your body's ability to heal, function, and thrive is far greater than you have been led to believe...

    Join Kamloops' longest running and most diverse studio! If you're looking for a refreshing and inspired way to work out, improve yourself or find more happiness, our group yoga, dance and fitness classes are for you. We are fun, fresh and dynamic. Come fall in love and see why your friends are addicted to our positive vibe which radiates LIVING LIFE WELL!

    Let’s Move Studio is Kamloops’ longest running and most diverse studio.

    Members of the Kamloops Chamber of Commerce are entitled to receive exclusive eyecare offers from IRIS. These benefits are combinable with your existing extended health plan. Registration takes only a few minutes. There is no cost to register, and offers are combinable with your extended health coverage. Offers apply to your family members, employees and their family members (family members must be in the same household).

    Experience Better Vision with IRIS

    At Sun City Optics, Clear Vision is always on the horizon!

    Give the Gift of Wellness to the employees that work hard for you all year